Poems from Other Books

A Bouquet of Verses from other books by Sant Darshan Singh

Translated from the Urdu by Barry Lerner & Harbans Singh Bedi

 © 2004

From Talaash-e Noor (Quest for Light)

All I remember is a sudden glimpse of him.
After that I was lost to him, lost to myself.


Now the whole panorama of eternity stretches before me,
Revealed when you lifted the veils of finite existence.


I am all gratefulness for that one smile of yours
Which bore me like a wave into an ocean of myriad lights.


In desolate valleys of exile you will sustain me;
Your love I’ll recall when they put my neck in a noose.


If your body is dragged through thorns, let it go!
The soul is that flower which will never know autumn.


From Manzil-e Noor (Abode of Light)

Sins leap about in delirious dance in the ballroom of the heart;
Every human being is wrapped tight in the arms of desire.


Were we to take up this work with all our heart,
We would transform this garden into the cynosure of spring.


To the garden you revealed the secret of everlasting spring;
The flowers you infused with the exhilarant musk of oneness.


From Jaada-e Noor (Path of Light)

 excerpt from the poem “Jaandaar kaa Lahoo” (“The Blood of the Living”)

All living creatures seek to live in peace:
With humaneness pass your days on this earth.
Even the heart that beats in the breast of a
Beast has sympathy and love. So cast a look
Of loving compassion on all animals
A bring a new dawn to humanity’s night.

(p. 229)


A Ghazal
by Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj
(spiritual predecessor of Sant Darshan Singh)

Translated from the Urdu by Harbans Singh Bedi &
Barry Lerner

© 2012

I kneel for the sacred dust of his feet and touch it to my brow,

For the Master’s wine has made me drunk, lost to all but God.

میں پاک مرشد کی خاکِ پا کو، لگاؤں سر پر اُٹھا اُٹھا کر

ہے مست و بیخود بنایا مجھ کو، شرابِ وحدت پلا پلا کر

मैं पाक मुरशिद की ख़ाक-ए पा को, लगाऊँ सर पर उठा उठा कर

है मस्त-ओ-बेख़ुद बनाया मुझ को, शराब-ए वहदत पिला पिला कर


Unbearable was my longing to find something more than man;

You dispelled the darkness of ages, you lit lamps everywhere!

اِتنی مجھ میں بھاری یہ حسرت، نا جزُ میں اِنسان کُچھ بھی سمجھوں

مٹایا صدیون کا کلُ اندھیرا، توُ نے دیپک جگا جگا کر

इतनी मुझ को भारी यह हसरत, ना जुज़ मैं इंसान कुछ भी समझूँ

मिटाया सदियों का कुल अंधेरा, तू ने दीपक जगा जगा कर


I thought myself a mere human, here for but a short stay;

He showed me I was in essence God, dispelling all thought of myself.

میں خود کو سمجھا تھا محض بںدہ، ہے چںد روز قیام اِس جا پر

بنایا مجھ کو ہے ذاتِ یزداں، خودی کو میری مٹا مٹا کر

मैं ख़ुद को समझा था  महज़ बंदा, है चंद रोज़ क़ियाम इस जा पर

बनाया मुझ को है ज़ात-ए यज़्दां, ख़ुदी को मेरी मिटा मिटा कर


For long I wandered in forests, grew hoarse calling, “Where are you, God?”

God is now here, with my Master’s grace—I see him face to face.

پھرا میں جنگل میں ایک مدّت، تلاشِ ربّ میں کہاں وہ ہوگا

بفضلِ مرشد ہے اب وہ حاضر، تھکا تھا جسِ کو بلا بلا کر

फिरा  मैं जंगल में एक मुद्दत, तलाश-ए रब में कहां वह होगा

बफ्ज़्ल-ए मुरशिद है अब वह हाज़िर, थका था जिस को बुला बुला कर


My anguished eyes held nothing back in recounting our time apart.

“What!” he said. “Did you not know? I never left your side.”

نگاہِ رنج و الم نے ہجر کی، سنائی غم کی کہانی ساری

تھا تب بھی میں تو بغل میں تیری، کہا یہ مجھ کو سنا سنا کر

निगाह-ए रंज-ओ-अलम ने हिज्र की, सुनाई ग़म की कहानी सारी

था तब भी तो बग़ल में तेरी, कहा यह मुझ को सुना सुना कर


I complained, “My torments were endless!” He listened and simply smiled,

Then put his arms around me, hugged me close, and all my grief was gone.

ہزار کلفت اُٹھائی میں نے، یہ سنُ کے خالی وہ مسکرائے

مٹایا رنج و الم کو میرے، گلے سے اپنے لگا لگا کر

हज़ार कुल्फ़त उठाई मैं ने, यह सुन के खाली वह मुस्कराए

मिटाया रंज-ओ-अलम को मेरे, गले से अपने लगा लगा कर


Beyond words is my love’s beauty, beyond the power of eyes to fathom,

But wherever I look I see him—he permeates everything!

ہے حسنِ جاناں بیاں سے باہر، نا آنکھ کو ہے تابِ دیدن

بسے ہیں پوُرن، جہاں میں دیکھو ں، نظر کو اپنی اُٹھا اُٹھا کر

है हुस्न-ए जानां बयान से बाहर, ना आंख को है ताब-ए दीदन

बसे हैं पूरण, जहां मैं देखूँ, नज़र को अपनी उठा उठा कर

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